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Welcome to Kraft & Bauer Brandschutzsysteme GmbH.
Fighting fires is an art; avoiding them is our passion. Fractions of a second make the difference between the preservation or loss of assets and knowledge. This time frame is an active challenge for us. With personal commitment, we have been successfully setting benchmarks in object-oriented fire protection for years now, and taking responsibility for people, machinery and ultimately for the future of companies. For this purpose, we offer expert advice, supply efficient technology and meet the most individual of customer requirements with a comprehensive system guarantee – turning safety from a vision into everyday life for you.
Thanks to our developments and production, as well as decades of experience in the field of fire protection, we have established ourselves internationally as a systems supplier. With our automatic, microprocessor-controlled fire protection systems, we are not only a factory outfitter for leading machine manufacturers, but also a partner of industrial companies renowned worldwide – from comprehensive consultation to punctual installation through to reliable service. We always offer advice from the perspective of optimum fire protection.
Our product range extends from microprocessor-controlled CO2 object protection systems to pressure relief and air butterfly valves through to handheld and mobile fire extinguishers. Depending on the circumstances, we can also supply alternative extinguishing systems, such as Fire-De-Tec or aerosol. Our portfolio is rounded off with our fire protection solutions for server rooms and cabinets, plus our extensive product range in the field of general fire protection.
These pages are intended to provide you with a brief insight into our portfolio. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly. We'll be happy to help you.