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Discover the innovative world of fire prevention and firefighting for the safety of your company and production areas. The dynamic development of manufacturing techniques and the increasing sensitivity of central data processing demand solutions that can be adapted precisely to every situation. With our modularly structured object protection systems, featuring pressure relief and air butterfly valves, for machine tools with individual or central extraction, as well as with object protection systems for computer facilities and explosion protection areas, we ensure a system guarantee and already meet tomorrow's requirements today.
Fight the fire at its source! With a competent and reliable partner that knows how to successfully protect valuable assets from fire.


Bild CO2 Objekt Löschanlage

CO2 object protection system

Bild Fire De Tec Löschanlage mit Detektorschlauch als Branderfassung

Object protection system



Bild aerosol





server 1

Object protection systems for server cabinets and
room safety extinguishing systems for server rooms