A smouldering fire in switching and server cabinets or telephone systems is sufficient to bring a company to the brink of financial ruin. Extreme disruptions to operations, machine downtime, production stops, losses of revenue and customers are inevitable. The investment in a reliable, well-conceived fire protection solution is marginal compared to the impending consequences and costs of an emergency. The microprocessor-controlled object protection systems from Kraft & Bauer guarantee safety and meet individual customer requirements.
Kraft & Bauer supplies fire protection systems and room safety extinguishing systems with a 19" insertion system for server cabinets and room safety extinguishing systems for server rooms, in which either argon or the new NOVEC 1230 can be used as an extinguishing medium.
The fire protection system from Kraft & Bauer consists of four main components: extinguishing system controller and extinguishing agent container – which are mounted externally on the cabinet – plus the smoke alarm and the extinguishing nozzle, which are located in the area at risk. In rows of cabinets, one extinguishing system controller takes control of all the units. In case of fire, extinguishing only occurs in the affected cabinet or unit.


Application areas
Server cabinets, switching cabinets, data security cabinets, computer centres, vending machines, telecommunication systems, server rooms, etc.

Benefits of the argon/NOVEC 1230 object protection systems from Kraft & Bauer:

  • Earliest possible fire detection and response
  • Affected electronic systems are shut down selectively
  • Easy to operate
  • No destruction, impairment or contamination of the area surrounding the fire
  • No danger to personnel from the extinguishing agents argon and NOVEC 1230, which are completely harmless to health
  • Alarm forwarding possible, e.g. fire control centres, phone diallers, etc.
  • Significant reduction in outage and repair times
  • Electronics are not damaged by the extinguishing medium, even in false alarms
  • Low extinguishing agent storage requirement
  • No structural changes necessary
  • Suitable for new installations and retrofitting
  • Extinguishing system controller and extinguishing agent container mounted externally on the cabinet
  • Approval procedure and acceptance by VDS inspector not required
  • Fair price-performance ratio for new systems and maintenance work


Facts about argon and NOVEC 1230:

  • Argon is an inert gas; Novec 1230 a colourless, virtually odourless liquid that only becomes gaseous when discharged from the extinguishing nozzle. Both substances are completely harmless to health.
  • Protective measures, such as respiratory masks, are not necessary.
  • Argon and Novec 1230 do not destroy electronic equipment.
    Es werden beim Löschen nur geringe Mengen von Argon bzw. Novec 1230  benötigt.
Only small quantities of argon and Novec 1230 are required for extinguishing.
No additional room ventilation is required.
Argon and Novec 1230 do not cause a large drop in temperature in the area to be extinguished. Consequently, no "extinguishing damage" due to broken circuit boards or condensate.
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