Optimum fire fighting with Kraft & Bauer

The microprocessor-controlled object protection system from Kraft & Bauer complies with applicable standards, such as DIN 14497 for small extinguishing systems, trade association safety regulation BGR 134 and ISO EN 19353 "Safety of Machinery".


Application areas

Spark-erosion machines, grinding machines, machining centres, turning machines, test beds, extraction and filter systems, switching cabinets, computer systems and all types of property at risk of fire. Designed optimally for use with argon and other inert gases (e.g. for machining magnesium).


Benefits of the object protection system from Kraft & Bauer

  • Extinguishing system controller FB 703/FB 704/FB 708 microprocessor-controlled to the latest state of the art.
  • Fire detection within the first few seconds thanks to highly sensitive optical and thermal sensors connected in parallel. Consequently optimum damage limitation.
  • Acoustic and visual alarms.
  • Significantly reduced downtime, short repair times.
  • Optimum extinguishing gas turbulence thanks to special tub nozzles.
  • Integral emergency power supply. - No structural changes necessary.
  • Modular extension options for the entire field of fire protection, e.g. air butterfly valves and pressure relief dampers for collective extraction, etc.
  • Also for use with argon and much more.

 CO2 object protection system