Effective fire fighting for specific areas

In exceptional cases, the Fire-De-Tec extinguishing system can be a cost-effective alternative in areas at risk of fire.
Fire-De-Tec is a cost-effective alternative in areas at risk of fire, where specific technical standards, such as DIN 14497, trade association safety regulation BGR 134 or EN 13478 "Safety of Machinery" are not compulsory.
The FDT Interface extinguishing system extinguishes pneumatically without external power. External power is only required for alarm communication. The trip valve is connected permanently to the pressurised detection hose. At temperatures over 100°C, the hose bursts open. The valve detects the pressure drop and triggers the extinguishing process via separate extinguishing nozzles. With CO2, the extinguishing agent quantity is checked continuously by the DIMES system. The operating states can be read easily from the interface display. Operational readiness is scanned continuously. Automatic deactivation in the event of an opened object door can be ensured by a safety module.

Ideal application areas

Compressor systems, electric distributors, cable ducts, site motors, all types of test bed, painting facilities, emergency power systems, large kitchens, vending machines, explosion protection areas, etc.
Limited use with machine tools.


Benefits of Fire-De-Tec

  • Independence from external power
  • Functional even in the event of total power failure
  • Simple thermal fire detection by means of detector hose that bursts at a temperature of approx. 100–110°C
  • Operating pressure 10–18 bar

Differences compared with electronically controlled extinguishing systems

  • No optical flame detector
  • Extinguishing system can only be deactivated manually
  • Higher response temperature
  • Special functions, such as activation of an air butterfly valve or detection of pressure release, are only possible with separate components
  • Alarm forwarding/fault signals only possible to a limited extent